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About Polish Treasures Inc.

All items you see in our store came from Poland.  We travel  to Poland and hand pick the items for our customizers .  We  made many contacts over the years.  Many of  our contacts in Poland have come to be more like extended family members.  All of our business is conducted in Poland face to face.  We don't just make a phone call or rely on the internet to place orders.  Our Polish Pottery Was hand Picked in Poland.  We  make our deals With the artist or crafts person directly, have it made than shipped to our agent who than checks it before sending it to us.  

That's how your gift from Poland get here.

If you have questions shoot us a e-mail we are happy to help answering questions.  If your travals Brings you to Baltimore Maryland  make sure you stop in and say hi.  You can see for yourself the treasures we bring from Poland.

We are Located in the  Upper Fells Point Section of Baltimore City, you can visit us at:

429 South Chester Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21231

Phone: 410-563-8760

Shipping to Poland Europe and Russia.

If you need to ship a small package to Poland , Europe, or parts of Russia.  We can help with that.  We Ship every two weeks. 



Our next Package Shipment will be on October 9th, 2019.  

Contact us for more Information.

Payment: You can feel safe while shopping at Polish Treasures as we use PayPal for all our online payments.  Its safe and secure.

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Polish Treasures Inc.

429 South Chester Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21231, United States

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