Our Services

Check out our gift store when you are in the area, lots of goods that are handmade in Poland.  We have a large amount of Polish Pottery there is something for everyone.


Packages to Poland, Europe, Asiatic Russia:

If you need to send packages to  Poland, Europe, Asiatic Russia we can help with that.  We ship every two weeks like clock work.  We have two basic services a ocean shipment and a air shipment.  The cost is very reasonable in most cases it is much less than the Post Office,  packages go by weight and size.  Minimums apply when weights is less than minimum.  Most areas packages over seventy pounds are surcharged.  Customs rules apply and packages are subject to inspection.  So when you are packing use the smallest box that everything you want to pack will fit in.  For questions give us a call, and we will help you.  You will need to fill out a Customs Decorations form declaring the contents to the government.  You will need to declare a value of what you are sending, and sign the form.  Packages that are in transit are subject to inspection at anytime. 


Sending money:

We are agents for Western Union.  Western Union is fast and reliable.   We can sent money within the United States and world wide.  Like all money service business we collect some information and maintain that information. Call or stop in and talk to Dave.     




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