Oplatki Christmas Wafers


A old Polish custom of breaking bread.  Just before the start of Wigilia dinner, the oldest will break a waffer and sharing with each person.  Each person will in turn share his or hers with each other.  This is one time of the year when everyone puts aside all the wrongs of the year or years and a promise not to return to them.  The traditional wish  "I wish you much heath, happiness, and good fortune, and after this life an eternal crown in heaven"

As a side note the Pink waffer was to share with the animals as they were the witness of the birth of Jusus.  It is also so said that at midnight the animals would talk.  There is no differance between the white or the pink, people can consume the pink as the only differance is food coloring added to make the pink.

Each package contains three (3) white and one (1) pink. each waffer is 3.5x6 inches.  0510002  $2.00 each




Oplatki Christmas Wafer

There are times when family and close friends are not close enought that breaking bread togeather will not work becouse of great distance.  You can send them a waffer in the mail and they will in turn break it when then they have there Wigilia dinner.   Greeting is in Polish.

Package contains one (1) 3.5x2 inches  0510011   $1.00 each




Straw for Wigilia Table

Straw is placed between the table cover and the table it recalls the baby Jusus in the manger.  With only the animal to keep him warm with there body heat and the comfort of the staw. 

Package contains straw.  0732345  $1.95 each 



Package of 20 Polish Christmas Cards

Package of 20 Polish Christmas Cards with envelopes  Madonna Deluxe edition assorted, greeting is in Polish.   0870014  $7.95 each




Package of 10 Christmas Cards 

Package of 10 Christmas Cards with envelopes made in Poland. Greeting is in Polish.  0010093  $8.95 each




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